Good December (Καλό μήνα) from Kefalonia – It’s like a ghost town!

We see many posts either asking what is going on in Kefalonia now?

“The reality is very little, it’s like a ghost town” But a very pretty one with the addition of lovely Christmas lights

We can only go out after we have notified the police via an SMS message or take paper equivalent and only for very specific reasons apart from work;

-Medical needs (yourself or supporting others)
-Essential food shopping
-Necessary actions in offices
-Exercise (local to house)

Night time home curfew begins at 9pm and ends at 5am. 

Masks are mandatory in public enclosed spaces and outside in street, car parks etc.

All non essential shops are closed as are all cafes and restaurants who can only operate take away services.

The schools are all closed with most pupils doing distance learning daily via the equivalent of skype.

The police are actively checking businesses to ensure adherence to the law and are also stopping individuals to check they are out on permitted trips only resulting most days in around 6 fines of €300 in Kefalonia alone.

These are pictures we took last week in Lithostroto which normally at this time of year would be starting to bustle with Christmas shopping and cafes being full.

This Christmas in Greece looks like it will be a very quiet one spent mostly at home with close family.

We are expecting an announcement from the Greek PM early next week regarding the steps out of this lockdown but fully expect many places to remain closed and the use of SMS messages for the foreseeable future in December.

But we also have many reasons to be happy and optimistic in the here and now and the future..

Lockdowns been a great time to get our houses & gardens sorted!

We have enjoyed some great weather since the medicane, in fact many of us are actually wishing for some more rain, the winter vegetables and trees certainly would like a drop or two.

The views have not changed from being beautiful and the air is even fresher with less vehicles on the roads.

The island has covid cases but only a few in relation to other parts of Greece and the UK.

OKAY it might not be the traditionally Coco Cola is coming Christmas but the vaccine is certainly coming to us all soon.

Happy December to all from The Kefalonia Pulse Group

Finally to all the business owners don’t forget to get your FREE advertising for what hopefully will be a fantastic 2021 Summer Season in Kefalonia.






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