Good development: Five new ICUs beds for Kefalonia (message from the islands MP)

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Today I attended an important teleconference on health and health crisis management issues due to Covid-19.

The teleconference was attended by ND MPs in the Ionian Islands, the Regional Governor Mr. Rodi Kratsa and the Commander of the 6th Health District Mr. Giannis Karvelis.

The commander of the 6th RAE informed us about the latest developments regarding the management of the health crisis. In the discussion, which lasted about 2 hours, we discussed all issues related to the health sector in the Ionian Islands Region, which due to its island character has very complex problems.

Issues related to the needs for new staff, the building condition of hospitals, the management of health units, the utilization of NSRF programs to enhance health, the incentives to attract staff and many other issues were discussed.

Particular reference should be made to the discussion we had about the healthcare application platform (except for doctors who can always express their interest). Due to errors in the applications, there are interested parties who failed to complete the process and issues arise with the staffing of hospitals in all the Ionian islands. We asked Mr. Karvelis and agreed to make an effort to reopen the platform to have a second round of applications for the health structures of our islands.

Finally, regarding the General Hospital of Kefallinia, as discussed and expected, 5 brand new ICU units of Draeger will be sent, fully equipped. This development will be a serious basis for the ICU’s efforts to operate in our prefecture, despite the difficulty of finding medical staff.

We agreed with Mr. Karvelis to be in touch and to have a new cooperation for the monitoring of the issues concerning the health of our islands.

I warmly thank my fellow MPs, the Regional Governor and the Commander of the 6th RAE for their cooperation .

Panagis S. Kappatos

Member of Parliament for Kefalonia and Ithaca

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