Good news for the boy from Zakynthos his arm has been re-attached after the accident last weekend

A team of the most experienced doctors of three hospitals, undertook the difficult task of reattaching the hand of the 11-year-old boy from Zakynthos , who was amputated by a tractor. This is the first successful operation of its kind in Greece, according to an announcement by the “Agia Sofia” Children’s Hospital.

The 11-year-old boy from Zakynthos was amputated at shoulder height by a tractor and the surgical reattachment of his arm was undertaken by doctors from the “Agia Sofia” Children ‘s Hospital, the “Laiko” Hospital and the KAT Hospital. This medical achievement is the first of its kind in Greece and specifically it is the first successful welding of the upper limb at the height of the upper third of the (no.) Arm.

The Children’s Hospital “Agia Sofia” received last Saturday 12.02.2022 at 11:00 a request from EKEPY for urgent air transport of the 11-year-old patient BD from the Hospital of Zakynthos “with a complete amputation of an upper extremity at the height of the central arm. A surgical team was immediately formed with the participation of doctors from three (3) Hospitals of Attica “, the hospital states in an announcement.

The little patient arrived by ambulance at 16:30 the same day and in good general condition. The amputated limb was transported at the same time as the prescribed procedure.

The operation was successfully completed at 02:00 in the morning of 13.02.22, while it is pointed out that it is “the first successful reattachment of a limb at shoulder height in a child in Greece. The patient is hospitalized in a stable condition in the ICU of our Hospital ”

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