Good performances at the Patras Indoor Track & Field Conference by the Kefalonia Gymnastic Society athletes

The indoor track season began strongly for GE Kefallinias, which participated with 6 athletes and 1 athlete, in a conference held at the SEGAS indoor training camp in Patras.

At the women’s height, Memy Alysandratou was first with a 1.60, a jump that easily crossed the first attempt. The bar then climbed to 1.63, which Memi dropped marginally, missing the chance for a new individual record. At the height of boys K18, Panos Alysandratos was 2 nd of 1.71, while the corresponding category of girls, Nadia Stamatelatou took 3 the gap to 1.55.

In the 60m K16 girls, 14-year-old Alice Stamatelatou was outstanding and finished first among 44 athletes with a time of 8.28.

Although “loaded” workout, Joanna Solidakis participated in 60 K18, finishing six as in 8.40. Together they fought and EMH Faraklou, finishing at 18 the gap.

Finally, Adriana Tata fought in triplicate (5 by a performance 10.18m) and 60m hurdles (6 the position with performance 10.25)

GEK’s team is now preparing for the Tournament for the Indoor Athletics Tournament, which is none other than the Pan-Hellenic Men-Women Championship to be held at Peace and Friendship Stadium on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 February.


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