Google (android) – Apple cooperation: Mobile phone will alert you if you come in contact with a case

Apple and Google announced on Friday a large-scale partnership to create tools to help monitor the spread of the corona.

According to Apple, both the tech giant and Google will activate the interconnection between Android and iOS operating systems, using applications with data from official health authorities around the world. These applications will be posted on Google Play and the iTunes App Store respectively.

Last week, Apple announced a partnership to create protective medical shields for doctors working to treat the coronavirus pandemic.

Applications for tracking positive coronary contacts
Experts have called on the private sector to contribute to the more effective tracking of coronary heart disease. As most people in the world now have cell phones, tech giants like Apple and Google could contribute to such a process.

The joint statement said, “Google and Apple are working together to use Bluetooth technology to help governments and health services reduce the transmission of corona, focusing on respecting the privacy and security of users.”

The use of Bluetooth is preferred as it allows the best and most reliable location of a person, compared to the mobile signal or GPS. This will allow mobile app creators to use Bluetooth to alert users to the possibility of contacting someone who has been diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

A few days ago, Google announced that it has $ 800 million in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

How Google and Apple apps work
Each user who activates the application will have a specific key code that will be transmitted from one mobile phone to another, each time two users come close. If someone is diagnosed as positive, then their key in the application will show in the cloud all the contacts they have been in contact with in the last 14 days.

Google notes that apps will not collect personal data or information about the exact area where the contact took place, and “those who are positive about the corona will not be notified to other users on Google or Apple.” The data will only be used by the public health authorities and the authorities managing the coronavirus pandemic.


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