Electronically the renewal of the moped license

Citizens have the opportunity to electronically renew the registration of their moped through from Wednesday afternoon.

The citizen is connected through the Taxisnet codes and can submit the application electronically to the competent Traffic service of his place of residence. Through the application, he can see electronically the relevant costs that vary depending on the date of the last renewal as well as pay with an electronic fee. After the completion of the processing, the certificate of renewal of the moped license is sent electronically to in the citizen’s box.

1,419,923 active licenses are registered in the Register of Mopeds of the Greek Police. The platform uses the electronic services of the Interoperability Center and the Electronic Boxes of that have been assigned to the Traffic Services, thus achieving the elimination of the requirement for physical presence of the citizen in the Traffic Services. The design and development of the service was done by the Hellenic Police, the National Network of Technology and Research Infrastructures (EDYTE SA – GRNET), the General Secretariat for Information Systems of Public Administration and the General Secretariat for Digital Governance and Simplification of Government Procedures.

Finally, the citizen receives electronically the certificate of renewal of a moped license with integrated safety features (QR, Safety Code) from GOV.GR. At the same time, he is notified by SMS and email to receive it through his inbox.

The Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos stated: “The digitization of the services of the Greek Police is progressing. Another step was taken today in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Governance. The renewal of moped licenses will now be done digitally through “This development frees a significant number of police officers from the bureaucracy, who will return to their main mission, the safety of the citizens.”

The Minister of State and Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis stated: “The digitization of the renewal of a moped license is another link in the chain of simplification of procedures through their digitization. Digital services produce a dual benefit: on the one hand, citizens save man-hours by avoiding waiting in lines; and on the other hand, the Administration gets rid of unnecessary bureaucracy. “We are in close cooperation with the Ministry of Citizen Protection so that the Greek Police can digitize its services to the citizens, allocating its human and material resources to enhance security.”

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