Government Spokesman – One million SMS yesterday from 21:00 onwards

For the SMS to 13033 he said that last night after 9 it was found that more than 1 million sms were sent for movement for physical exercise. It was circumvented. There will be scanning checks

Everyone understands that the next 10 days will be the most critical for the resilience of the NSS , as the number of admissions to single beds, as well as to ICU beds will increase, as will the number of intubated … Stelios Petsas speaking on Monday in the standard briefing of the political authors clarified that the NSS gives the most difficult and critical battle, in terms of the coronavirus pandemic , which is spreading in our country, with the thousands of daily cases, the hundreds of intubations and the dozens deaths …

The government spokesman stressed that the Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias will give a press conference tomorrow to strengthen the NSS and the plan of the Ministry of Health from now on. As Mr. Petsas pointed out, 300 permanent doctors are being hired immediately, who will immediately staff the ICU. In addition to the 200 positions in the competition announcement, an additional 100 positions are open for the runners-up. “Doctors can come directly to hospitals and take care of themselves,” he said characteristically.

“The goal is to prevent the worst. To save lives and not let the Health System reach its limits. This is because an aggressive increase in cases, hospitalizations, intubations and ICUs had already been observed within a few days. The virus, as pointed out by Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, had started to move very aggressively while its contagion seems to have increased a lot.

The ripple that was seen in September had become a wave in October and was going to become a tsunami in November. In the face of these data, the Prime Minister decided to move faster, despite the fact that Greece was still in a much better epidemiological situation than other European countries with a corresponding population. ”

Mr. Petsas also added that the goal is at the same time “to reverse the growing trends, to lower the epidemiological curves and to create conditions that will allow us to have more regular holidays at Christmas , with a better and safer operation of the market that is so necessary.” for all citizens, entrepreneurs and consumers “.

As the government spokesman said “once again our individual responsibility and our collective maturity will be crucial so that the lockdown remains on the three-week schedule announced. Let’s follow the measures. Let us not constantly look for reasons to bypass them. Let’s stay away from friends and relatives for a while so that we can finally be much more together. Therefore, individual responsibility but also state vigilance in order to ensure the observance of the measures “.

Among other things, it was mentioned:

  • In the scenario of 21 parts quarantine and 14 days exit: No one can say at this time exactly what will be required to safely reach the exit from the crisis. Let the current measures be observed in order to get out of the lockdown.
  • In the communication between Tsavousoglou and Dendia: We hope that the approach will be honest so that we can resolve the only difference between the two countries
  • In the SYRIZA proposal for a Minister of Health of common acceptance and a Council of Political Leaders: The main problem of the country is that it has no opposition. He has a Minister of Health. The proposal for a council of political leaders has nothing to do with the epidemiological situation in the country. Will they judge what the epidemiological situation is?
  • For SMS to 13033 : Last night after 9 it was found that more than 1 million sms were sent for movement for physical exercise. It was circumvented. There will be scanning checks.

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