Graphic Explained of coronavirus: This is how the deadly virus is spread (chart)


CORONUS NEWS: Reducing the number of contacts in the world, according to all scientists, may prove to be the lifeblood of the epidemic. The slogan ‘we stay home’ is gaining in value day by day …

CORONIOS: Professor of Health Science and former Minister Elias Mosialos has made important interventions in recent weeks, one of which was certainly the closure of educational units in the country. 

The particular graph he posted on his facebook page is entitled “The Power of Social Distancing and the Importance of Security Distances”.

One patient or carrier can infect about 2.5 people in 5 days, while in 30 days the spread can reach our 406 fellow citizens.

A patient, with a 75% reduction in contact, can infect only 0.6 people in 5 days, and dispersal in a month can only be 2.5 in our fellow citizens.


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