Great clean up of rubbish in Dilinata today and enhancing children’s environmental awareness

So we all know it should not be there in the first place but as it is, this is a really good reactive initiative to see and hopefully continues to show the paradigm change required for all of us to deal with the local and wider litter issues.

On the morning of Saturday, September 7th, the Dilinata Outreach Training Club, the Delinadas Awareness Club, the Dilinata Primary School Parents and Guardians Association and the Dilinata Local Community in a volunteer volunteer effort.

The purpose of this action was to raise environmental awareness of young and old alike .

Such actions promote volunteering, testify to our interest and love for our country.

Good luck  to everyone and especially to the little kids who participated with joy and hard work!


source – Εξωραϊστικός Επιμορφωτικός Σύλλογος Δηλινάτων-Σύλλογος Απανταχού Δηλινάδων

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