Great news : 28 October parades to go ahead normally

Makis Voridis: Parades on October 28 for everyone not just for vaccinated


Finally the scenarios for the parades 28 to October put the interior minister, makis voridis .

With the participation of all citizens and not only the vaccinated, the parades for the national anniversary will take place Makis Voridis clarified noting that the celebrations in “red” Thessaloniki for the feast of Agios Dimitrios will take place normally. 

The parade will take place in compliance with the sanitary measures and a strong encouragement for the use of the mask, said Makis Voridis speaking on Monday morning (04.10.2021) on ERT.

We have the opening of most activities. Obviously this is done with some restrictions. It is not possible to say that we will not do the parade alone “, stressed the Minister of Interior.

In addition to masks the parades will be subject to strict measures with distances and limited invitations to the official guests on the podium.

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