Great news -Funding agreed to complete the Ainos information centre

The Management Body (FD) of the National Park of Ainos is included in the Local Public Works Program LEADER / CLLD 2014-2020, the project “Modernization – configuration of the Forestry of the National Park of Ainos as a center for environmental and information updates .  

The physical part of the operation concerns the financing of the reconstruction of the Forest Service building, which is located within the core of the National Park of Ainos with an area of ​​48.65 m2 and at an altitude of approximately 1,100 meters.

This building was built in 1954, after the devastating earthquakes of 1953 and belongs to the Directorate of Forests of Kefallinia, from which a ten-year assignment has been granted to the Management Body by decision of the competent directorate of RIS.

The completion and operation of the Forest Service as an Environmental Information – Awareness Center will contribute to the promotion and upgrading of the special elements of the natural environment, the peculiarities and local characteristics of the area and will sensitize visitors to its remarkable and rare wealth.

Its operation will be a pole of attraction for visitors, who will be the permanent residents of Kefalonia, vacationers and anyone who deals and is interested in the natural environment.

Visitors will have the opportunity to get to know up close and learn about the endemic, rare and endangered plants of Ainos. They will get closer to the natural landscape of the area and the experience they will gain will enhance their awareness of the natural environment.


The Chairman of the Board of the Ainos National Park Management Agency

Dr. George Drakatos

Director of Research of the National Observatory of Athens 

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