Great to see the seventh island of the Eptanisa getting increased attention from tourists?

Kythira / Photo: Shutterstock
Greece is full of beauties, however, in the summer the islands have little more glory.

Small and large islands are a destination destination for thousands of travelers flocking from every corner of the globe to enjoy Greek hospitality, meet the country’s culture and enjoy the sea.

Santorini can fill the Instagram feed of most, however, there are other islands that are just as beautiful, but they do not have the crowds and are not so expensive.

Kythira and Samos, the top islands
Lonely Planet, invoking the Sunvil travel agency, reveals the Greek islands that are less well known but have nothing to enchant from Santorini and Mykonos. And the truth is that it’s not the only one, and the Sunday Times Travel magazine has made its own list of quiet Greek islands . What are the more searches between 2018-19, according to Lonely Planet?

Kythera, for which the Guardian has talked for four years , with its beautiful beaches, waterfalls and architecture, had the most searches for this year, while Samos follows. Islands such as Lemnos, Kythnos and Halki spark the interest of tourists who want to experience what a Greek island is like to say.

Kythera had the most searches for this year / Photo: Shutterstock
Sunvil’s director for Greece’s program said: “Today, more and more are looking for less tourist or secret islands. Whether they are looking to escape the crowd and their own busy life or just want to fill their desire to get to know the world. We know there is a thrill when you discover something new and first. ”

Kythira (+ 340%)
Samos (+ 39%)
Lemnos (+ 38%)
Kythnos (+ 32%)
Halki (+ 30%)
Koufonisia (+ 25%)
Milos (+ 23%)
Meganissi (+ 22%)
Tilos (+ 21%)
Karpathos (+ 14%)

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