Greece: 39 people dead by flu – 21 victims in one week

The seasonal flu is scoring, as within a week the dead were ejected to 39, from eighteen that last week, according to HCDCP figures. The 39th victim that ended up with Intensive was an infant with underlying disease. It was the death of the six-year-old Euphrate in Crete. A total of nine children have been infected with influenza in an ICU and all of them were unintentional.

According to the latest epidemiological data, the predominant type of influenza is H1N1, while 165 people have been hospitalized in Intensive Care Units since the onset of influenza epidemiology, while sixty patients remain in ICU today with influenza complications.


It is noted that 20 new victims were recorded in the epidemiological week (last Thursday until yesterday), ie the total number of deaths from flu is 38. The infant is the 39th victim, but it is typically counted in the epidemiological recording of the week that began today .

Ministry of Health: Vaccination is the best precaution

Note that according to the Ministry of Health the best way of protection against influenza remains the vaccination As even during the current period. This was emphasized by Secretary General of Public Health Yannis Basskozos, stressing that the overwhelming majority of patients with influenza who had been hospitalized so far in an Intensive Care Unit had not been vaccinated (82%). According to the latest data, 1.6 million people, over 60, have been vaccinated, the majority of them.

The Ministry of Health through the AEO has commissioned 50,000 vaccines, following vaccination recommendations, especially those in the high-risk groups, but there were no vaccines on the market since the vaccination period is in the autumn.

The influenza activity in Greece, as in other European countries, is elevated and is expected to continue at least for the next 10 weeks and that, to date, the influenza strain mostly laboratory isolated is AI1N1 pdm09 , which is contained in the circulating vaccine.

Also, in the Health Ministry’s circular, it is noted that the main preventive measures to deal with the outbreak of influenza are:

* Strict adherence to respiratory hygiene and hand hygiene measures, such as covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of the elbow and the meticulous hand washing (especially after contact with patients).

* Avoiding clutter indoors and for patients to fully recover before returning to their normal activities.

* Influenza vaccination of people in high risk groups is considered safe and effective and is recommended throughout the winter. Of particular importance is the vaccination of vulnerable groups (people over 60, chronic or obesity or other aggravating factors, etc.) and healthcare professionals and those who come into contact with infants under 6 months or care for people with underlying disease.

* Proper use of antivirals against influenza when appropriate indications according to doctors’ judgment are available, which should be started as soon as possible, with a simple prescription and without waiting for laboratory confirmation, especially for susceptible groups of the population.


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