Tourism is the locomotive of the Greek economy, with close to a quarter of GDP. Consequently, its course, positive or negative, is influenced by its evolution, and with the current conditions, due to the coronavirus, the Greek economy is sinking into recession.

In the face of this situation, the Ministry of Tourism does not remain inactive and makes every available means.

In this context, in its own way, which is pioneering not in conceiving the idea, but in its implementation, the Ministry of Tourism wishes to maintain the passion for “Greece” of our country’s visitors and at the same time to keep up the tourist spirit and morale of us all while we “stay home”.

The platform www . greecefromhome . gr , presented today at a tele-press conference with speakers Tourism Minister Thanks Theocharis, the general secretary of EOT Dimitri Fragaki, adviser of Prime Minister Steve Vranakis , the Executive Director of Marketing Greece Ioanna Dretta and the head of Google in Southeast Europe Greece-based Peggy Antonakou was the result of two weeks of hard work in trying to show character, reflecting on the health crisis with the spread of the coronavirus and proving that “Greece stays home other is left behind, “as the minister said.

The design of the platform  www . greecefromhome . gr Created by the Chief Creative Officer of the Greek Government, Steve Vranakis and his creative teams Ithaca Lab and Prinz & Co, and is based on the triptych: I See, Travel, Learn. It is bilingual and enriched with rich material derived from visitgreece platforms . gr and discovergreece . com , EOT and Markering Greece , respectively. It is a product of interior design and cost a little money. However, to support abroad, beyond the EOT offices around the world and the Markering Greece networks, will be promoted and leveraged on the youtube channel , which has over 1 billion videos a day worldwide.

The material is abundant, varied, informative and entertaining, for adults and children alike, with topics ranging from cooking, music, culture to sightseeing.


Keeping our country alive for our visitors

The purpose, according to Haris Theocharis, is “to make tourism a bridge of humanity, in a world that is rapidly changing with the crisis we are experiencing.”

“We had set up a crisis team. We came to what should be done now. The next step is what we will do when the crisis is over, with new initiatives. With the “opportunity” of the crisis, it is time to create, so that the message of the country can come together. We also have the Regional Tourism Council, which can be a useful tool for coordination. The Ministry sees its role more broadly. There was a great risk if you tried to exploit the crisis to make it a tourist destination. We wanted the country to show that it can support content creation and consumption. Our effort was to coordinate to make the “stay at home” process easier. Keeping the country alive for our visitors and winning through the partnership a new narrative for the next day.

What we are trying to say is not visit Greece later , but what we do now that we are home. We are not stressed at all about bringing people to the next day through the platform, “the tourism minister said.

Stimulating domestic tourism

Beyond the platform, given the uncertainty as to when the health crisis will end, the Ministry of Tourism will attempt with the 6 subgroups of the Crisis Management Committee to recover the lost ground by planning actions.

However, as each country is at different stages of experiencing the crisis, it is also uncertain when citizens will be able to travel and do tourism.

Given this, domestic tourism is an outlet and the Ministry is considering measures to stimulate it. “We are concerned about the possibility for all businesses to survive for the next day,” the minister said.

Our country is tourist-affected by other countries

However, our country is highly dependent on and influenced by what other countries are doing. “For example, if TUI turns to the German government for support and does not receive it, then its failure will have an impact on our country,” Haris Theocharis stressed.

For the minister, “the axes are clear. Domestic tourism, demand support, rapid opening of borders which if we manage will be a comparative advantage, the ability to face the health threat to tourist safety and the extension of the tourist season, which this year we hope will have a demand to be realized in the second half of the year. year. ”

“With the uncertainty that exists because we do not know what will happen to the second wave, we are trying to start as soon as possible. If June is lost we will go for the year in June and so on. Even though the year started at + 24%, from a record year we were going, we now have to rebuild a lot. ”

“We live in shocking times and what we all have to do is unite our forces. Today, more than ever, Greece and Greek tourism need to send their message of hope and optimism as far as possible, that these days we will leave and we will all be together again. Until this time comes, we invite the international travel public to dream of the safety of their home when they visit our country and live the Greek summer, “Ioanna Dretta said, while Peggy Antonakou said of the initiative. : “That health is a top priority right now, but it’s important to keep communicating, creating and learning. In this regard, we support the important initiative of the Ministry of Tourism to, with the help of technology and the YouTube platform, to make the best possible use of Greek tourism while staying at home. At the same time, we support learning initiatives such as Grow Greek Tourism Online. Our goal is for the tourism industry to be empowered with digital tools and skills to manage the challenges of the day, as well as to be strengthened overall for an even better tomorrow. ”

The three pillars

I see

People are encouraged and inspired to stay home, staying connected to the country’s culture through the EOT’s  Visit Greece  channel on YouTube. The channel will offer new and selected content by Greek artists from around the world, including Greek music, gastronomy, theater, dance, sports, fashion, as well as videos with destinations and experiences from all over Greece.

I travel

The goal here is for everyone to be able to “visit” Greece from their home. Through  created a digital portal with rich content and exciting digital experiences. The archaeological sites and museums, the villages and traditions, the gastronomy, the tour, the enjoyment of nature … All from the safety of our home. 

I’m learning

To support tourism businesses with the right skills, the Greece From Home initiative, in partnership with Google’s Grow Greek Tourism Online program, is launching a series of new home-learning initiatives. These trainings have been available since April 2 and will be offered free of charge on a daily basis. They include interactive online group seminars, covering a variety of topics, from how to create a digital marketing plan for your business, how to work remotely, and more. It also provides the opportunity for individual online meetings directly with one of Google’s specialized partners, so that each business can receive personalized digital presence tips tailored to its needs. 

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