Greece Seeing More Tourists — But They Spend Much Less

According to a study published on Tuesday by the Bank of Greece, tourism revenues, measured on a per capita basis, have declined in Greece over the last several years.

This finding came as a bit of a surprise, as Greece has experienced a boom in the number of tourists during the last few years, leading to increased revenues overall. Still, according to the recent findings by the Bank of Greece, the amounts spent in the country by individual tourists has declined.

For example, Austrians who visited Greece in 2017 spent 24 percent less than they did in 2014, with the average spending per Austrian tourist measured at €650 ($741.00), down from the €840 ($958.00) they typically spent in 2014.

A similar reduction in spending was recorded for German tourists, who spent 22 percent less last year; Belgians, at 15 percent less; and the British, who spent 7.5 percent less last year per person.

According to the Bank of Greece’s data, the year 2006 saw the highest revenue ever per tourist in Greece, when the typical traveller spent €746 ($850) while in the country.

Greece is expected to break another tourism record again this year in the number of travellers who they believe will visit the country. The latest figures from 2018 show that more than 27 million people visited Greece last year.

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