Greece will allow tourists from 20-25 countries to arrive on June 15th & Thessaloniki airport opems in June for international travellers

Greece will allow tourists from about 24 countries – including Germany, Cyprus and Israel – to visit it from mid-June, without having to enter quarantine, a government official said as part of easing measures for the coronaio, according to Reuters.

Tourism accounts for about 20% of the Greek economy and the government knows that it is a very important driving force for its economic recovery after the lockdown, which has put businesses at a dead end.

“Greece will allow tourists from 20-25 countries to arrive”
“Greece will allow tourists from 20-25 countries to arrive,” a government source told Reuters, adding that Cyprus, Israel and Central European and Balkan countries would be on the list. The list is expected to be announced later this week.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in a recent interview that German tourists will be welcome in Greece from June 15 . At the same time, the Prime Minister added that the international flights to Thessaloniki will start earlier, specifically on June 15 and not on July 1.

Who can come now?
Greece recently allowed EU citizens to travel to Athens, provided they enter a 14-day quarantine. These are citizens of all EU countries except Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. The restriction also applies to British citizens who cannot yet travel to Greece.

Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom have the highest rates of coronary heart disease. On the other hand, Greece faced the crisis of the corona dynamically, with only 2,892 confirmed cases of cases and 173 deaths.

Another government source said health experts were examining the possibility that travelers had been tested for Covid-19 before visiting Greece and whether there should be insurance coverage for such infections.

Who will be barred from entering Greece?
For its part, however, the government has said it intends to give the green light again for international flights to the Greek islands from July 1, but will bar citizens from high-impact countries until July 15.

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