Greece’s plan (in stages) to fully re-open during June

The General Secretariat for Communication and Information made the announcements by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Nikos Papathanasis, regarding the gradual lifting of the restrictive measures for the coronavirus.

In detail, the next steps of removing the measures for the coronavirus
“We are aware of the activities and rules of operation of the economic operators that are restarting during the final stages of restoring economic activity, specifically on 6, 8, 15 and 29 June, as well as on 1 July.

Specifically, from Saturday, June 6, it is allowed:

  • the operation of the restaurant indoors
  • the operation of restaurants in hotels
  • the provision of canteen meals and drinks
  • the provision of meals and drinks at outdoor events,
  • the services provided by a refreshment room, and support activities for the performing arts.


The services provided will resume on Monday, June 8:

  •  dance center
  • other online retail store
  • a cafe, with technical or mechanical games
  • an entertainment center-cabaret or nightclub
  • cafeteria with internet access (internet cafe)
  • an entertainment center-cafe
  • entertainment center-bar and from a disco entertainment center

On Monday, June 15, they reopen:

  • Holiday accommodation and other accommodation for short stay and seasonal use
  • vocational rehabilitation services for people with disabilities
  • visitation and support services for people with disabilities
  • museum activities
  • the operation of historic sites and buildings and similar attractions
  • the fitness facilities
  • leisure park activities and other theme parks
  • the rest of the fun and entertainment activities
  • physical well-being services
  • the services of therapeutic baths and thermal springs and sauna, spa and steam bath services.

On Monday, June 29, they reopen:

  • campgrounds hosting children

and finally on Wednesday, July 1, the activities will resume:

  • organized conferences and trade fairs
  • the realization of any performance with the presence of an audience, ie a concert and an artistic event, as well 


The activities that have not been determined in time to restart and are as follows:

  • The services provided by school canteens (canteens).
  • Film Screening Activities (indoors)
  • Services provided by Open Centers for the Elderly (KAPI).
  • Table gambling services.
  • Casino Services.
  • Paper Club Services.
  • Discotheque services (no food or drink offer).

All economic operators reopen with specific operating rules.
Today, we present to you the rules of operation of the activities that will resume on June 6 and 8. The rules of operation of the remaining activities of the 6th and 7th stage that will resume on June 15 and 29, as well as on July 1, will be announced in the near future.
For the operation of the indoor dining areas of the health stores that are reopening, the following applies:

  • The maximum allowed number of customers is set according to the ratio of one (1) customer per 2.20 sq.m. total licensed area.
  • It remains the device for operation of outdoor and semi-open spaces in force
    is determined as the minimum distance between the tables in accordance with the arrangement of the seats of 0.90 m. To 1.80 m.
  • When placing the cleaning is made by the procedure buffet then it is carried out by employees-waiters of the company, without the customer coming in contact with the serving utensils and a transparent curtain is placed between the offered meals and the consumers.
  • The distance between those served in the buffet is set at 1.5 meters.
  • It is recommended that ready-made product combinations be offered where possible.

Entertainment centers operate according to the rules of operation of the catering as they apply to outdoor semi-outdoor and indoor spaces and in addition
In all interiors of entertainment centers it is forbidden to use the bars as a place for customers to stay.

For gaming services and internet cafes, the relationship of individuals as defined for the interior of the restaurant, ie a customer every 2.2sqm, and in addition a flying should be placed between the positions of the players.

The press release of the Ministry of Development and Investment mentions all the Code of Activity Numbers, ie the KAD, which correspond to the financial institutions mentioned above. Also, in the press release all the rules of operation and examples of their application are analyzed and specialized.

Finally, the stores of health interest within the beaches, operate in terms of the development of table seats, according to the rules that apply to catering.

Also, in these areas it is allowed:

  • the sale of alcohol, music playback andfood preparation.
  • It is recommended to avoid organizing events that can cause public gathering and overcrowding.

In total, in the 6th and 7th stages of restarting the economy from June 6 to July 1, 89,000 employees return to work, ie 13% of employees who have been suspended by government order and 63,000 companies reopen, ie 24% of businesses which had been suspended

Ladies and gentlemen, Dear Fellow Citizens,

With the completion of the restart stages on July 1, 670,000 employees will have returned to work, ie 97% of the employees who had been suspended by state order and 249,000 companies will have reopened, ie 95% of all companies that have been suspended. .

With the final stages of the reopening of the financial institutions, the restart of our economy is completed with few exceptions. We should know that a previous reboot after a health crisis has never happened before in modern history and therefore every step was studied for the first time.
All stages of the resumption, as first announced on April 28, were very well thought out. From the so far indisputable results, it is considered that the operating rules bring the desired result and are observed with few exceptions.
As we have said from the beginning, our priority at every step is to look at its imprint on public health and to constantly intervene in the design of the rules.
Our cooperation with the political protection and the special committee of scientists is impeccable.
I would like to thank all the employees in the public administration who work hard every day and exceed their strength to immediately serve all our fellow citizens. Also the services for the fastest solution of the procedural issues as well as the control mechanisms which throughout the 24 hours and for 7 days a week supervise the implementation of the measures with all the available forces.
But let’s not be fooled, the health crisis is not over.
Our every move must be extremely careful. We adhere to the rules of safe operation and hygiene protocols.

After “We stay home” we went to “We stay safe”.

  • So we opened the door of responsibility and started. Always starting with ensuring public health, we continue on the difficult uphill road back to normalcy.
  • The individual responsibility we have shown since the beginning of the health crisis, putting us in front of the ego, has led us to the safe zone of restarting our economy.
  • The road, as we said, remains uphill, but we have proved that together we can achieve a lot.
  • As we have done so far, we will continue. We can and will be able to quickly return to normalcy and from there to accelerate our economy. “

Detailed schedule with the lifting of measures

Stelios Petsas: We are moving more decisively towards the lifting of the measures
“We are moving faster and more decisively to take action thanks to the efforts of all Greeks, so that we can all win again, something that seemed lost a few months ago.”

This was emphasized by the government spokesman Stelios Petsas, after the announcements by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, responsible for Industry and Trade, Nikos Papathanasis, regarding the gradual de-escalation of restrictive measures and the resumption of our economic activity in certain CSOs.

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