Greek Animal Rescue Supporting Kefalonia Stepping Stones and Kefalonia Animal Trust


We’re currently putting together a pallet of urgent aid to go out to the beautiful island of Kefalonia, where two local groups have come together to share the donations – Kefalonia Stepping Stones and Kefalonia Animal Trust. These volunteers are dealing with horrific cruelty and need on a daily basis, and we think they, and especially the animals they care for, deserve better than having to dish out food to desperate strays on plastic bags. Can you help, please?

We’ve put together an Amazon Wishlist specially for these guys, and would be so grateful for any items you can gift to join the pallet going out to help them during these hard winter months. Every item you send will be heading out to Kefalonia in the next couple of weeks. These are images of real cases from Kefalonia, so show you exactly how urgent the need is.

Any cash donations can be sent via PayPal to, marked “Kefalonia Appeal”, and will be used to purchase additional food, and our Wishlist can be found at:…

Thank you, as always, for your support.


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