Greek authorities issue new official weather warning (yellow) for this weekend in Western Greece

The weather will change from Friday night (25-09-2020) and from the northwest, with strong phenomena that on Saturday will extend to all west and north, with the main characteristics of heavy rains and thunderstorms and stormy south southwest winds of up to 8 Beaufort.

In more detail, the following will be affected:

1. On the night of FRIDAY (25-09-2020) the northern Ionian and Epirus.

2. SATURDAY (26-09-2020):

a. The Ionian islands, Epirus, western Sterea and gradually the western Peloponnese. From late afternoon the effects will weaken.

b. Gradually from the west Macedonia and in the afternoon Thrace, with weakening from the west in the afternoon.

c. Probably western and northern Thessaly until noon.

3. According to the forecast data available so far, a new atmospheric disturbance will affect
the country again on MONDAY (28-09-2020) , with heavy rains and thunderstorms mainly in western Greece.

More details in the daily regular weather reports and the website of EMY (

Locally in Kefalonia meteo are forecasting the following

followed by some light rain on Sunday, longer term Monday potentially brings a further spell of heavier rain which we will update on nearer the time as forecasts become more accurate.

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