Greek Bank ATM withdraws from different bank machines transaction fee will be aligned with existing forign bank charges

There are charges for withdrawals from ATMs

“Additional cost” in the pockets of citizens comes to put the commission that is planned to get into cash withdrawals with debit cards from ATMs of other banks. The amount of charges will vary depending on the withdrawal amount, and is expected to move from € 2 to € 3. The new charges are expected to enter into force on July 20th.

Banking officials say the new Visa regulation, which is expected to come into effect on July 1, may lead to a complete overhaul of the current pricing.

In fact, banks will be forced to adjust their pricing policy so that the charges are the same for both Greeks and foreigners who take withdrawals.

The new charge is not a mandatory commission applied by all banks in the EU. However, it is based on EU Regulation 924/2009. which stipulates that banks are required to apply uniform pricing to their customers anywhere in Europe.

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