2021 bank holidays offers plenty of opportunities for holidays and excursions and hopefully events if circumstances allow.

In a few days we leave behind a difficult 2020 in which we were all tested because of a difficult pandemic that led to harsh measures. 

Having the vaccine ready and while the vaccinations have started, 2021 is coming with more optimism.

And after so much quarantine …. what better way than to combine Greek bank holidays and other notable events with your excursions timings, something that last year seemed impossible.

Let’s see what the holidays of 2021 are with the hope that everything will go well and together with 2020 we will say goodbye to all the harsh quarantine measures.

In detail:

New Year 1 January 2021 Friday
Epiphany 6 January 2021 Wednesday
Clean Monday 15 March 2021 Monday
Annunciation of the Virgin March 25 March 2021 Thursday
Good Friday 30 April 2021 Friday
Holy Saturday 1 May 2021 Saturday
Labor Day May 1, 2021 Saturday
Easter Sunday 2 May 2021 Sunday
Easter Monday 3 May 2021 Monday
Union of Ionian Islands 21 May Friday
Holy Spirit 21 June 2021 Monday
Assumption of the Virgin 15 August 2021 Sunday
Celebration of St. Gerasimos August 16, Monday
Celebration of Agios Gerasimos 20 October, Wednesday
Day of No 28 October 2021 Thursday
Christmas 25 December 2021 Saturday
Christmas 26 December 2021 Sunday

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