Greek beach (Xi) with orange sand and magnificent sunset (photo)

Greece is one of the most beloved destinations in the world for its climate, its beaches and its idyllic landscapes. The Ionian Sea with its beautiful islands, in fact, makes our country one of the most popular exotic destinations.Crystal clear waters and white beaches, surrounded by dense vegetation, combine perfectly with the blue sky and glittering sun of Greece, reflecting each year the most impressive postcards of photographic lenses.

If, in fact, you want to get out of the ordinary and meet even your highest demands, Kefalonia is a great idea as it is sure to amaze you!

Eight kilometers from Lixouri, in the southern part of the island and in the area of ​​Paliki, you will find Xi beach with its special beauty that stands out for its orange sand and creates the perfect contrast to the white rocks.

And if you are wondering where the strange name “Xi” from the beach might come from, the answer is in the shape of a cove that is very reminiscent of that particular letter of the alphabet.


Indeed, according to the Travel + Leisure 2016 magazine’s catalog, Xi Beach has emerged as one of the world’s twenty most bizarre beaches thanks to its high contrast of colors, the presence of clay at its bottom, as well as its shallow and warm waters. , referring to a natural spa, offering the beneficial properties of granular sand to the skin.

This beach has finally been awarded the Blue Flag and is ideal for both photography enthusiasts and those who enjoy water sports.

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