Greek bureaucracy at its best – Problems getting outside music legal by Saturday!

Subject: Playing music outdoors

Dear gentlemen,

Following yesterday’s announcements that music will be allowed in outdoor dining venues that only accommodate seated customers will be allowed from Saturday 12 June, store managers were reasonably concerned about how this would be implemented legally.

With the exception of a few stores that have licensed outdoor playback facilities, all other professionals as well as control mechanisms are exposed.

According to the current legislation, the competent service of the respective Municipality must inform the interested party that, if the store uses music outdoors, it must have and maintain in the store a technical report of a competent engineer, accompanied by a topographic diagram in which the position and direction of the speakers will be recorded . The technical report will prove that it has taken all the necessary measures so that with a maximum sound level of 80db no problems are created.

You realize that within two days it is practically impossible for professionals to obtain the required license, while at the same time they will have to bear the cost of a study by a competent engineer to license a space that until recently was not considered necessary for their operation.

At the same time, the question arises as to how the measurements will be done mechanically by the police, as many health stores are adjacent and it is certain that there will be a sound burden on each other, as well as they will be burdened by sounds from the outside environment.

In conclusion, the way in which it is proposed to play music outdoors, puts companies at risk of being fined heavily or their operation revoked.

We consider it necessary to clarify in the Ministerial Decision that temporarily no license is required to play music outdoors, as well as not to impose fines or suspension of operation for exceeding the 80db sound level, thus ensuring the protection of businesses and police agencies that will not they know what legislation to implement.

Yours sincerely,

The president of the trade of commerce

Stavros Spathis

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