Greek coronavirus daily update – 10 new cases and one further death

Ten new cases of coronavirus and one dead in the last 24 hours, announced the infectious disease specialist Sotiris Tsiodras.

During the regular briefing of the Ministry of Health, it was announced that the total number of cases is 2,770, of which 55.2% are men. Of these, 610 (22.3%) are considered travel-related abroad and 1409 are related to an already known case. 24 of our fellow citizens are being treated intubated.

Their median age is 71 years. 10 are women and the rest are men. 96% have an underlying disease or are over 70 years old. 90 patients have been discharged from the ICU.

The total number of deaths in the country is 156. The average age of our deceased fellow citizens was 75 years and 93.6% had an underlying disease and / or age 70 and over. A total of 116,233 clinical samples have been tested.

Tsiodras: The virus will not go away with the vaccine either
Following his usual briefing, the infectious disease specialist referred to yesterday’s statement by the WHO that the corona may never leave our society. “When a virus first appears and there is no immunity in the state, no vaccine to fight it is difficult to predict how long it will survive. There is always the need to limit it.

The fact that Greece managed to limit it does not mean that we have eliminated it. The virus will continue to exist. Maybe even if there is a vaccine. The same is true of the flu virus and the measles virus. This is due either to health deficiencies in countries or to various fake news against vaccination. ”

Tsiodras: “That’s why the WHO made this statement”
Mr Tsiodras then wanted to decipher the reasons why the World Health Organization made such a statement. “The attitude of the WHO may come from fake news that is making the rounds of the world that … we have finished the battle with the virus. Secondly, from behaviors that are not in line with the phase of dealing with the virus we are in and intense overcrowding around the world. Third, the placement of WHO may be due to new outbreaks of the virus in various countries. ”

Tsiodras: “Would we be able to hear 147 deaths a day in Greece?”
Sotiris Tsiodras then spoke about the new outbreaks of the global virus: In Uhan, there will be a mass control of citizens due to new cases in specific parts of the city. In Lebanon, authorities again imposed a Lockdown. The same in Pakistan, as in India.

Sweden has adopted another model for dealing with coronavirus. It is a country of 10 million inhabitants. Would we be able to hear 147 dead on a day like the Swedes yesterday? ”

Administration of plasma with antibodies to Greek patients
It is recalled that today an important step was taken in the fight against coronavirus , as for the first time in Greece, seriously ill patients from Covid-19 were given plasma with antibodies.

In particular, plasma with antibodies was administered to two patients with coronary heart disease in Atticon and Evangelism. In total, they will receive three doses, one every day. The effects on the health of these patients with coronary heart disease will be known in 15 days. A process is underway to select suitable donors who have recovered from coronavirus and have several antibodies, so that most patients treated in the future receive plasma treatment.


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