Greek coronavirus daily update: 15 new cases today and 140 deaths overall


The Ministry of Health is in the process of informing about the coronavirus , with Sotiris Tsiodras and Nikos Hardalias. Mr. Tsiodras announced a new death and 15 new cases.



Thus, the total number of victims in our country is 140 and 2,591 cases in total. 38 are being treated by intubation in ICU.

It is reminded that from Monday, part of our daily routine is expected to be the use of a mask, on the occasion of the gradual lifting of measures. The representative of the Ministry of Health has already referred extensively, in many of his updates on the course of the corona in Greece, to data concerning the protective masks, making depending on the phase of the epidemic a recommendation for their use or not.

Referring to the data that did not support its use a few weeks ago, Mr. Tsiodras said that “then we were in a crucial decision for the development of the lockdown epidemic. We were banned. The committee then did not recommend the general use of a mask, then taking into account the risks of using them. ”


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