Greek coronavirus daily update – 25 new cases and a total of 101 dead overall

Sotiris Tsiodras is in his usual position today, Holy Tuesday, 14.04.2020, to inform about how the coroanvirus  moves in our country.

In the news, the professor of infectious diseases and a representative of the Ministry of Health for the pandemic, announced that there are 25 new cases of coronary heart disease in Greece and a total of 2,170.

He also stressed that two deaths were recorded in the last twenty-four hours, with the total number of dead being 101.

76 of our fellow citizens are being treated intubated, with an average age of 68 years. 17 are women and all the rest are men, while 80% have an underlying disease or age over 70.

A total of 48,798 inspections have been carried out, while 27 of our fellow citizens have been discharged from hospitals.


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