Greek Coronavirus daily update: 269 new cases today with 11 detected at borders

Koronovios: The announcement of EODY
Today we announce 269 ​​new cases of the new virus in the country, of which 23 are associated with known outbreaks and 11 were detected following checks at the country’s gateways . The total number of cases is 17,707, of which 55.9% are men.

2,837 (16.0%) are considered to be related to travel from abroad and 7,349 (41.5%) are related to an already known case.

73 of our fellow citizens are being treated by intubation . Their median age is 69 years. 17 (23.3%) are women and the rest are men. 87.7% of intubated patients have an underlying disease or are aged 70 years and older. 201 patients have been discharged from the ICU.

Finally, we have 4 more recorded deaths and 383 deaths in total in the country. 142 (37.1%) women and the rest men. The median age of our dying fellow citizens was 78 years and 96.6% had some underlying disease and / or age 70 years and over.

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