Greek coronavirus daly update – 27 new cases today and no further deaths

With British holiday season imminent we will resume our daily report on new cases in Greece and when we can provide location information as much media hype is not always as seems !

e.g. yesterday’s headline of 43 cases and large percentage being tourists, what was not sayed was these were all detected at the Bulgarian border and most were Serbians who have subsequenly been refused travel into Greece until at least 15 July.

Another day when coronavirus reminds us that he is among us and that we should all be very careful.

The coronavirus in our country informs today, Tuesday 07/07/2020, by written notice.

More specifically, EODY announces that in Greece there are 27 new cases of coronavirus and a total of 3,589.

In addition, he informs that there are 193 dead in total with another death in the last twenty-four hours, which had become known as early as Monday, 06.07.2020 .

Coronavirus – The official announcement in detail

The data presented concern cases from the epidemiological surveillance of the disease by the new coronavirus (COVID19), based on the data that have been declared to EODY and recorded until 07 July 2020 (time 15:00).

The new laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease are 27, of which 14 have been identified after checks at the country’s entrance gates. The total number of cases is 3589 (daily change + 0.8%), of which 54.7% are men. The new deaths of COVID-19 patients are 1, while a total of 193 deaths have been reported since the outbreak began. The average age of patients who have died is 76 years. The number of patients treated by intubation is 10 (60.0% men).

The daily distribution of confirmed cases is as follows (the line represents the total, cumulative distribution of cases).

Of the total of 3589 cases, 868 (24.2%) are related to travel from abroad, 1941 (54.1%) are related to an already known case and the rest are not related to travel or another known case or are still under investigation.

The average age of cases is 47 years (range 0 to 102 years), while the average age of deaths is 76 years (range 35 to 102 years). 


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