Greek coronavirus update : 22 new cases today and no further deaths

EODY announced today the new cases of coronavirus in Greece. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in cases. No further dead.

As reported, the new laboratory confirmed cases of the disease are 22. The total number of cases is 3343 (daily change + 0.7%), of which 55.0% are men.

No new deaths of COVID-19 patients have been reported, and a total of 191 deaths have been reported since the outbreak began. The average age of patients who have died is 76 years.

The number of patients treated by intubation is 11 (72.7% men).

The daily distribution of confirmed cases is as follows: (the line represents the total, cumulative distribution of cases).

Of the total of 3343 cases, 745 (22.3%) are related to travel from abroad, 1861 (55.7%) are related to an already known case and the rest are not related to travel or another known case or are still under investigation.


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