Greek coronavirus update – Just three new cases today and a further two deaths

The Ministry of Health announced three new cases of corona in our country, today, Thursday 28/5.

The announcement signed by Sotiris Tsiodras is detailed

“3 new cases of the SARS-CoV-2 corona are being announced in our country. The total number of cases is 2,906, of which 55.2% are men.

Of these, 630 (21.7%) are considered travel-related from abroad and 1658 (57.1%) are related to an already known case.

16 of our fellow citizens are being treated intubated. Their average age is 66 years. 4 (25.0%) are women and the rest are men. 81.2% have an underlying disease or are over 70 years old.

102 patients have been discharged from the ICU.

Finally, we have 2 more recorded deaths and 175 deaths in total in the country. 52 (29.7%) were women and the rest were men.

The median age of our deceased fellow citizens was 76 years and 94.9% had an underlying disease and / or age 70 and older.

A total of 170,467 clinical samples have been tested. ”

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