Greek daily coronavirus update – 99 new cases and now 59 dead overall


The list of deaths in Greece is steadily increasing, with 59 dead – in addition – from the deadly virus. In 99 new cases of coronavirus in Greece. 92 are hospitalized intubated. What does Tsiodras say about the virus and the animals.

Of course, these measures will “look” long after they are taken, so everyone is hoping that the coronavirus will be “prevented” so that we do not live in situations like Italy or Spain.

At the same time , the list of the dead is on the rise , with health authorities on guard.

In the meantime, there is an ongoing update on the “map” of the virus in our country, with the Coronavirus Ministry of Health spokesman Sotiris Tsiodras taking over his usual position.

In particular, he stressed that there are 99 new cases of coronavirus in Greece, with the total number of cases now reaching 1,613.

The 119 are from the “Eleftherios Venizelos” ship , while 335 are related to travel abroad and 563 are already known cases. 92 are our fellow citizens who are hospitalized with tuberculosis, with 23 of them being women and all other men. Over 70% have some underlying disease.

11 have been discharged from hospitals, with 55% of them having some underlying disease or elderly.

Reassurance for pets

“There is no reason to worry,” Mr Tsiodras said of pets after reports abroad of outbreaks of coronavirus in cats.

He specifically pointed out that to date we have known about a cat in Belgium and two dogs in Hong Kong. Cat owners do not have to worry, he said, and there is no reason to abandon them as has been done abroad.

finally ,very recent results from China are showing progress for a new experimental drug that is far more effective than all the experiments done so far in humanity.


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