Greek daily coronavirus update – Only 6 new cases today and 1 further death

Mr. Hatzigeorgiou announced 6 new cases of coronavirus, with a total number of 2,626. Of these, 55.4% are men, while 595 are related to travel from abroad and 1203 with an already known case.

Today, 37 coronavirus patients remain intubated at 67 years of age. 8 of them are women. At the same time, 78 patients with coronavirus have been discharged from the ICU.

Finally, Mr. Hatzigeorgiou announced a new death, with the total number of dead being 144 . Of these, 38 were women aged 75 years. 92.4% of victims had an underlying disease or age over 70 years. To date, 79,332 clinical trials have been performed on the coronavirus.

“In our country, which had the advantage of controlling the initial phase of the pandemic,” we can move on to the second phase of lifting the coronation measures. “We do not claim that the hardships of all have passed, the time that our lives will return to the past has not yet passed,” said the infectious disease specialist.

“We do not forget that we are dealing with an extremely contagious virus,” said Mr. Hatzigeorgiou, who emphasized that safeguards were the key to keeping a safe distance, washing hands thoroughly and using antiseptics, and face masks.

Using a mask an additional weapon against the coronavirus
“In the first phase, the use of the mask was not a priority except for health care and those who took care of their patients at home,” said the infectious disease specialist, who called on citizens to treat the use of the mask with due importance.

“We must behave as if we were sick ourselves and we do not want to spread the disease to those around us,” Mr. Hatzigeorgiou recalled the commission’s directive from the first hours of the pandemic. The infectious disease specialist reiterated that decompression valve masks should not be used by the general public.

On the same subject, Mr. Hatzigeorgiou said the Coronavirus Crisis Management Committee had approved guidelines and ways to make a makeshift mask. As he said, an important parameter is the material of the fabric, preferably 100% cotton, but also the weave that should be quite dense.

The infectious disease specialist pointed out that the fabric masks can be washed with soap and water or in the washing machine at 60 to 90 degrees. After drying and ironing, they can be worn again.

Nikos Hardalias: Let’s build a new wall in the cornavirus
The bet of the next hours, of the next few days, week is more difficult, more complex, but extremely important, to stay safe, not to give space and way to the virus to be transmitted, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection stressed during today’s information about the corona and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias. “From tomorrow, at 6 in the morning, we are called to build a new wall to limit its spread, to continue at the same time in the battle, which will determine the final outcome of the war against the disease”, which is the observance of the rules of travel and our social or other contacts, he stressed.

He acknowledged that it was a difficult, complex, but extremely important endeavor, because its outcome would determine everything, for our lives, our daily lives, our own homeland,

He noted that tomorrow, at 6 in the morning, six weeks will be completed, with unprecedented processes, full of pressure, dilemmas and especially about what will happen.

He pointed out that the Greeks proved that when we stand united we are capable of the best and that we were able to break the chain of transmission of the virus. We have proved that everyone can learn from us.

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