Greek Elections March or May 2019

The two scenarios examined by Alexis Tsipras. How likely it is to ask for a vote of confidence. Which MPs from other parties are ready to vote. Why polls are likely to be set on March 17th.

Two main scenarios are dealt with by the Prime Minister, and he is also discussing with SYRIZA’s top executives at the Political Secretariat meeting that started at 12.20 afternoon. Both scenarios end up in early elections .

Scenario One: Tsipras Calls for Voting Vote – Elections May 26th

The first scenario is the prime minister – in the case that Panos Kammenos takes his “threat” and leaves the government – to demand a vote of confidence in order for his government to reach 26 May and to set up ballots with the self- elections and the European elections.

In this case, Alexis Tsipras will ask for a vote of confidence before the debate and a vote in Parliament to ratify the Prespa Agreement .

In SYRIZA, they believe that, given the question of trust, the Danelli from the River, Mrs Papakosta , Mr Papachristopoulos and Mr Zouraris , will vote in favor of the proposal , as Mrs Kountoura from ANEL and Mr Saridakis from the Union of Centers.

Second scenario: Elections on March 17th

The second scenario concerns Alexis Tsipras’s concern not to “blame” the crackdown on three parties (Potamia, ANEL and the Union of Centers) in order to remain in the government.

If Tsipras eventually decides not to ask for a vote of confidence from the House, then it all seems that the elections will come much earlier, most likely on March 17th .


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