Greek Police Road safety report on the Ionian Islands for the year 2018


Road safety report on the Ionian Islands for the year 2018


The total number of road accidents decreased by 24.75% and deaths by 66.67%

The road safety in our country, namely the prevention of road accidents, is the main priority of the traffic services.

In particular, in the Ionian Islands, a specific network of measures was implemented during the year, which was formulated per period, depending on the circumstances prevailing.

Specific projects have been implemented both during the summer season in the tourist areas of the islands as well as in festive periods, in local religious or other events.

At the same time, a number of information actions (lectures in schools, information campaigns, etc.) were conducted by traffic police officers, aimed at the long-term change of the individual and social attitude towards road behavior.

Car accidents

The period (2018) in absolute terms, were recorded in the electronic log PoliceOn Line , (149) traffic accidents, broken down into (10) fatal injury, (17) seriously and (122) with light.

A particularly important element of the statistical analysis presented in the table below is the reduction in fatal injuries by 66.67% in 2018 compared to 2017 and the decrease by 24.75% in the total number of accidents.

Individual road accidents and related injuries are distributed as follows:

In Corfu, there was an (1) accident with fatal injury, (11) severe as well as (45) light.

In Zakynthos, (4) fatal road accidents were recorded with corresponding deaths, (2) seriously injured and (25) light.

In Lefkada there were (2) fatal injuries in (2) accidents, (3) serious accidents and (36) minor injury.

In Kefalonia, there were three fatalities, one (1) serious injury, and (16) injuries in (14) minor accidents.

Infringements confirmed

2018 in Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Lefkada set up preventive workshops policing points in the road network of islands made high incidence of serious and fatal traffic accidents.

Indicative of the violations found stand out:

Dribk Driving




Protective helmet




Using a mobile phone


Worn tires


Move to the opposite stream


Infringements of illegal billboards


The aim is to further reduce the number of fatal and serious injuries in 2019 and that is why the implementation of road safety information programs aimed at pupils of primary and secondary education has begun.

At the same time, the policing programs implemented per period on the road network of the Ionian Islands are being updated, aiming at further addressing dangerous driving behaviour.

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