Greek restart phase 4 commences today: opening restaurants, cafes,travel to the islands

The fourth stage of lifting the measures is in force from today, as after a while the restaurants will reopen, while the movements to the islands will be released.

As of today, cafes, bars and restaurants are ready to welcome their customers, as after two months they will be able to operate, but under a special regime .

Details on what you should expect
According to the instructions given to bars, cafes, restaurants and fast food restaurants, one customer will be allowed per 2 sq.m., while up to six people will sit at each table, unless it is a case of a family with minor children. The staff in the stores will be obliged to wear masks, while for the customers their use is optional.

Detailed conditions for the operation of restaurants:

  • The current ratio is one customer per two sq.m. total useful allowable operating area.
  • The total allowable operating area is the sum of the area of ​​the outdoor area and the internal semi-outdoor area, mainly open space.
  • The possibility of using the internal semi-outdoor surface arises when there is a side or sides of the space with an opening in contact with an outdoor space or patio.
  • Depending on the opening of the side, the space can be used in depth at a rate of 80% to 160% of the width of the opening.
  • It is set as the minimum distance between the tables according to the arrangement of the seats from 0.70 cm to 1.70 cm
  • Maximum number seated at the table six people . There is no limit in the case of a family with minor children.
  • Finally, depending on the job of the staff, there is an obligation to use a mask or face shield, while a recommendation also applies to customers.

For the time being, indoor space will not be used, but only outdoors, with the government announcing that the goal is to be able to operate indoors by June 15 , if conditions allow.

Also, the cash registers, take-away delivery points and the toilets of the stores will be changed. All of the above must be antiseptic, and stores must be disinfected regularly.

EFET has also given instructions for employees and shopkeepers . 

  • Employees with symptoms should, with the responsibility of the employer, abstain from their duties.
  • Keep tabletop distances as required by the new catering regulations
  • Preferred card transactions instead of cash.
  • The POS must be disinfected regularly, as must the area around the cash register. There must be an antiseptic in place of the cashier and a second antiseptic in place of the customer.
  • The dining store should not allow queues. The recommendation of EFET is to have delimitation of distances with markings.
  • EFET recommends that restaurants be adequately ventilated. For extra protection, EFET recommends the use of sinks with intact batteries (footers, photocell, etc.)
  • The restaurant must have adequate cleaning consumables in the toilet (soaps or antiseptics)
  • EFET’s directive for catering staff is to disinfect service trays as well as menu’s. In addition, take away areas must be disinfected.
  • According to EFET, the staff and distributors must wear a mask and gloves.

Free movement on all islands
As of today, all travel to and from the islands has been released . This has been the case for a week now for Crete, but as of today, travel to all other islands in the country is free, with the restriction of travel closing in this way.

Already, from the port of Piraeus, 7 ferry services are planned for today (two for Cyclades, one for Chios Mytilene and four for Crete). One ship will leave Rafina for the Cyclades and three from Lavrio, two for Kea – Kythnos – Syros and one for Ag. Efstratio – Lemnos – Kavala.

Boarding the ships with a questionnaire
And in this case, the trips will be made under a special protocol for passengers, as ships are not allowed to accommodate more than 50% of passengers, with the only exception being a ship with cabins, which this percentage becomes 55% .

To travel, passengers must complete a special questionnaire for trips lasting more than 30 minutes.

The questionnaires can be obtained by the passengers either in the travel agencies or in the shipping companies, while they can also be printed from the official website of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy.

The questionnaires will be delivered completed by the passengers to members of the ship’s crew, during the boarding.

If passengers are found to have symptoms of coronavirus or have been exposed to a virus-infected patient in any of the ways described in the questionnaire, they will not be allowed to board for the last 14 days. A similar questionnaire should be completed by both the passengers and the crew members of the ships operating international routes (Greece – Italy).

Detailed instructions for ships
The instructions given last week for the ship’s itineraries mainly concern:

  • In determining the maximum number of passengers moving, at 50% of the total number of passengers specified in the ship’s safety certificate or at 55%, if cabins are available.
  • In the thermometer and in the completion of a special health status questionnaire before boarding the ship and maintaining it with the care of the shipping company. The questionnaire will also be available on a special website.
  • Maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters when boarding, disembarking and in all traffic areas inside the ship.
  • The use of each cabin by one person, unless it is a family, relatives of the first degree, so it can be up to 4 people or a person with disabilities with his companion.
  • The use of a mask. Fabric from passengers and crew members is recommended.
  • The special layout of the passengers in air seats, one seat occupied and one seat empty, adjacent, front and rear.
  • Thermometry and the submission of a special health declaration before departure for the passengers of international ships on the Greek-Italian lines.
  • Informing the passengers about the measures with a printed EODY brochure, as well as with informative spots and audio messages.
  • The special training of the crews, the application of rules of personal hygiene and protection and the existence of antiseptic stations in various parts of the ship.
  • Ship cleaning and disinfection.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning of ships.
    The management of a suspicious incident, isolation in a special area, disembarkation at the next port which has the necessary capacity for its management and tracking of its contacts.
  • The rules of operation of passenger service points, ie in bars, restaurants and dining rooms.

 The number of domestic flights is expanding
As of today, the number of domestic flights in the country will increase, while those abroad will gradually increase. From today, the flights to the Greek islands (Rhodes, Corfu, Samos, Mytilene, Chios) will start again, but also in other areas. At the same time, flights to other parts of Europe, such as Munich, Zurich, Frankfurt and Geneva, will begin gradually this week.

Universities, structures and sports facilities are being opened
As of today, open welfare structures for children, the elderly and people with disabilities are also reopening. In other words, it is possible to reopen the Day Care and Day Care Centers for the elderly, as well as the Creative Employment Centers for Children and Children with Disabilities, whose operation had been suspended.

Also, from today, the organized open sports facilities will be opened . To be used, however, athletes must complete and show at the entrances the “athlete’s registration form for a safe return to athletic activity.”

Finally, the universities will reopen their gates today, in order to carry out live laboratory and clinical exercises and to complete the semester without interruption.

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One thought on “Greek restart phase 4 commences today: opening restaurants, cafes,travel to the islands

  • May 25, 2020 at 3:59 pm

    The development of the so called ” protocols ” for mainly phase 4 of the reduction of “lockdown”, reflects perfectly the theoretical element of this process ( protocol development), however, their practicality is at best questionable. For instance, how and who can validate these protocols are fully executed by food services stores, ferry boats, and airport?, basically, None can !..unless the authorities have an army of clerks doing the check up in detail. That is clearly impossible.
    What is then the realistic and useful “protocol” of public health protection?

    Logically, and, practically as well as scientifically, it is only one:

    Until the medication for this deadly virus, not the vaccine, is widely available, the only way to protect the public health in a community , in a town, in a country, it is to maintain the “close circuit” i.e. to keep at the very minimum the entrance of people mainly from other countries into a community.
    It is well known that such protocol works, it worked in this country and others in the last 3 months…where the “closed circuit” allowed the reduction of the virus spread to very low levels. Let us keep these levels!

    Is this now the time of openness at large scale with tourism? Absolutely, not, without medication availability!!!
    If such protection continues for another 2 or 3 months to give the chance for medication availability, does it have economic impact ?
    Yes it has, the recession is here…it is worldwide recession..none can escape!
    Each country is taking steps to battle this recession…the USA, China, Russia and so on …
    What does the EU do? the hypothetical union of 27 countries…
    The union does not do anything !!!…only talks, meetings, wishes in the corridors of this …commission in Brussels….
    When, simply, this “union” should have first ensure that the public is protected and second injects “fresh” money into the market to battle the recession…but, no, this useless union will not do that since Germany, Holland and few others from northern Europe do not agree with injection of fresh money into the market, instead, similarly like in 2010 thru 2016, these same countries want to lightly help economies of the members via semi measures that basically money injection is based on loans coupled with recessionary policies very much like the past!
    The union, the world, needs public health production (that is the human life on the line!!) and decisive monetary policies to support the market….for a strong come back soon!


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