“GREEK SUMMER, Feeling Happy”, the new slogan of Greek Tourism

“GREEK SUMMER, Feeling Happy”, will be unexpectedly the new slogan of Greek Tourism, which will showcase our country in international markets, from the end of June, according to the information available so far.

This slogan was approved by a list of 5, by the Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself, who made remarks and changes, demonstrating his personal interest in the field of Tourism.

The creative and the slogan were edited by Frank & Fame in collaboration with the V&O of Mr. Thomas Varvitsiotis and Mr. Elias Tsaousakis of Marketing Greece , which is coordinated, under the supervision of Mr. Steve Vranakis, by the Prime Minister’s Office. .

According to government sources, the campaign will have a minimum budget of 5 million euros, will start in the last week of June or the first of July and the countries will emerge based on the epidemiological features that EODY and the Infectious Diseases Committee will provide.

The countries will be 15 to 20 and at the moment, the ones that are definitely “inside” are Israel, Cyprus and the Balkans. Apart from this, it seems that Britiain and Russia are currently not excluded, as government sources point out that everything will depend on the epidemiological criteria and the course of the pandemic in each country.

source – money-tourism.gr

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