Greek tanker collides with Turkish fishing boat off Mersin – 4 fishermen dead

A Greek tanker collided with a Turkish fishing boat in the offshore area of ​​Mersin with 4 dead fishermen.

According to the information so far, the fishing boat “Polatbey” was overturned after a collision with a tanker with a Greek flag. The collision of the tanker with the fishing boat took place 15 nautical miles off the area of ​​Karatas of Adana around 05:50 in the morning, Anadolu reports, while an operation has been launched to search and rescue the missing people aboard the Turkish boat.

According to the Turkish Coast Guard, the operation involves three of its boats and a group of divers. According to Haberturk, it was recently announced by the office of the governor of Adana that four Turkish fishermen have been found dead and another is missing.
The tanker “ephesus” under the Greek flag was built in 2012 and has a length of 274 meters. The tanker has a crew of 27 people, 13 of whom are Greeks.

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