Greek test positivity rate data for last week including Kefalonia

The data of EODY for the positivity index cause concern both in the country as a whole and in several areas that are now above the limit of 4% set by the experts as a percentage.

The cases are many and today, Wednesday, July 21, as 2972 ​​infections were announced while Attica, Crete, Thessaloniki and several popular tourist destinations are experiencing the outbreak of the coronavirus and the contagion of the Delta mutation.

Specifically in the week of July 12, 2021 – July 18, 2021 (2021-W28) the positivity index was 3.41% in a total of 512,794 laboratory tests (RT-PCR / Rapid-Ag) and 0.81% in a total of 1,008,857 self-diagnostic tests. In all tests, the positivity rate was 1.26%.

The situation in Rethymnon is especially critical as the positivity index has reached 4.85% while above 4 is still Paros with 4.31% and Mykonos with 4.06%.

In Attica, Piraeus has a positivity index of 1.73%, the islands of the Saronic Gulf with 1.68%, followed by the Southern Sector with 1.56%. All areas of the basin have more than 1% positivity.

Looking locally and at some islands where we have been recently detailing case numbers for context;

Kefalonia  0.38 %

Ithaca  2.35% (only 1 case suggests very low testing numbers)

Corfu 1.23%

Zakynthos 1.33%

Rhodes 1.20%

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