Green Fund Charge being added to this year Water Bills

A special fee will “inflate” Deyak’s accounts

The unanimous decision to modify the pricing policy for the year we are in charge of the water supply and irrigation charges recently took place at DEYAG’s board of directors, which means that consumers will see their accounts rising due to the charge with a new Fee in favor of the Green Fund. With regard to Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca, the annual unit cost is EUR 0,00046 per cubic meter for water and 0,01063 for irrigation.
That is, following a letter from the Decentralized Administration Coordinator on the obligation to enforce it, insofar as it was institutionalized by a Joint Ministerial Decree issued a year ago, and which provides for a fee with a contributory nature in order to finance water saving and water management projects. Finally, water is also shared and irrigated, and of course it is imposed as an extra – albeit small – burden for consumers who will find it in their accounts!
In particular, the Joint Ministerial Decision provides for the municipalities to determine their tariffs in accordance with the General Pricing Rules in the first semester of each year, taking into account, in addition to financial costs, both the Environmental Cost and the Resource Cost. In their invoices, they must enter the Environmental Fee in a distinct and clear way. They are collecting the Environmental Fee from end users. The amount of environmental charges received is paid by the Green Fund providers to a Special Account set up to finance the relevant ADP’s Supplementary Measures. From the above amount, 2.5% is withheld from the providers for the provision of related services except for multi-venture sewerage companies.

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