Guide to new lockdown restrictions in Greece

What changes for the stores from the morning of Saturday, February 6 – Which ones close, which ones will be open and how the markets are

After the decision for new measures due to the coronavirus in Attica , Thessaloniki , Halkidiki  and several areas of the country, the stores -with some exceptions- will remain closed on weekends, as the retail will now operate only on weekdays and only with click away .

Following a marathon meeting of 32 Health Ministry experts, the government announced new measures due to the rapid rise in coronavirus cases . Within the committee of experts, there were disagreements especially about what should be done in Attica , which in recent days has hit red in new clothes, exceeding 1,000 every day.

In a  teleconference  thriller , the Infectious came to propose to the government  new measures  for  Attica , to Thessalonica and Halkidiki the following:

  • Click away in stores from Monday to Friday
  • The shops are closed at the weekend
  • Traffic ban after 6 pm on weekends
  • The high schools remain open . The Lyceums schools closed . 
  • On Saturday, only supermarkets , grocery stores, bakeries, gas stations and pharmacies remain open and only from 7 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. 
  • Hairdressers , barbers, beauty centers as well as the services of dietetics and diet units, personal hygiene and body care services, but also  KTEOs  operate normally, with the terms and measures that are already in force. 
  • The operation of  public markets is  suspended on weekends. The specific provision concerning the public markets will be valid from next weekend ( February 13-14 ).

These three areas,  Attica, Thessaloniki and Halkidiki,  as well as the five areas of high epidemiological risk,  Patras, Chalkida, Mykonos, Santorini and Agios Nikolaos  remain in a state of daily epidemiological observation and the evolution of the pandemic will be evaluated daily. and a function of both the daily epidemiological data and the results of the tracking of  cases  and their close contacts.

The new “red” areas – What applies

The “red” areas from the morning of Saturday, February 6 include:

  • the Municipality of Eordea
  • the Municipality of Thebes
  • the Municipality of Tanagra
  • the Municipality of Sparta
  • the Municipality of Zakynthos
  • the Regional Unit of Lesvos
  • the Municipality of Rethymno
  • the Municipality of Pydna Kolindros
  • the Municipality of Dirfion Messapia
  • the Municipality of Andravida-Kyllini
  • the Municipality of Tempi

In addition to the above areas, the epidemiological burden was assessed by the Committee of Epidemiologists, as particularly high and dangerous in 5 Municipalities:

  • Θήρας
  • Mykonos
  • Chalkida
  • Patras 
  • Agios Nikolaos, Crete

An increasing trend of cases is also observed in the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos of the Regional Unit of Lassithi . More specifically, the active cases on February 1, when the additional measures took effect were 43 and currently are 78.

The epidemiological picture of these 5 areas makes it necessary to take further restrictive measures in relation to those that apply to the “red” areas in order to reverse the spread of the virus.

In these areas and from Saturday, February 6, at 6 in the morning, the operation is suspended

  • of retail
  • of hairdressers
  • of barbershops
  • of beauty salons
  • of diet services and dietary units
  • of personal hygiene and body care services
  • of KTEO
  • of OPAP agencies .

Only open remain :

  • the supermarkets ,
  • the grocery stores
  • the pharmacies

The lifelong operation of schools of all levels and kindergartens is also suspended . The schools will operate with the method of distance learning.

  • Primary schools and kindergartens will continue to operate in the Municipalities of Mykonos and Thira only, due to the non-detection of mutations, but also the special characteristics of the causes of the spread of the virus on these islands.
  • Movements to and from these Municipalities are minimized Entry and exit from these five Municipalities will be allowed only for work purposes.
  • The courts are also suspended .
  • It is not allowed to perform any kind of services and rituals in the presence of believers in places of worship, with the exception of funerals, as well as individual prayer.

In addition, given the findings of the tracking, construction activity in these areas is suspended for the next 15 days.

In these areas, as in “red” areas, apply traffic ban citizens from 6 pm until 5 am, with the sole exception of the movement for health reasons, for work and for the short ride pet around the permanent residence, while remaining in suspension of any kind of sports activity, as well as operation of cultural venues.

Particularly for these areas, the Civil Protection points out the need for faithful, strict observance of both the measure of the obligatory use of a mask indoors and outdoors and the observance of distances , as well as the application of telework as much as possible, at least 50% for these areas.

The restaurants operate as in the whole country with the method of take away and delivery . As for take away , it is reminded that this is not an independent reason for moving .


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