Guilty – 27 year-old for the fatal squabble in Laganas


Guilty of the offense of deadly unintended injury was considered yesterday by the Mixed Jury Court (MOU) Ilia a 27 year old Briton, who permanently live for several years in Zakynthos .

The defendant was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment until the appeal and at the same time turned into a redeemable, to 5 euros per day.

According to the file, the 27-year-old British chef had a verbal misunderstanding with a 34-year-old Greek in a bar in Lagana in April 2016, which led. From the bout, the 34-year-old Greek fell and hit the head with a consequent injury to the head and a little later to succumb to his wounds.

The Prosecutor of the First Instance of Ilia called for the accused’s guilt, rejecting the defense objections, saying that there was not even the will to defend the defendant as it emerged in his apology. He also did not acknowledge deceit and intentional harm to the accused, since according to the file both parties had consumed alcohol, suggested his guilt for the offense of fatal unplanned bodily harm, and recognized the mitigation of the former honest life.

Ultimately, the court unanimously decided the accused’s guilt and acknowledged the attenuation of the victim’s previous inappropriate behavior, which was caused by anger or sadness.

Lawyer for law enforcement was lawyer Zante, Mr. Panagiotis Kefallinos and advocate advocate of the 27-year-old lawyer Amaliada, Mr. Antonis Patrinos.


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