Battle with time to repair the damage from the unprecedented bad weather in Halkidiki, which killed seven people, injured over 120 people and caused incalculable disasters, state services say.

The testimonies of the eyewitnesses are shocking for what they have lived, while the efforts of the state apparatus are at the peak.

The electrification problem in the Halkidiki region remains high.

According to the latest update, the situation as it has been shaped so far to address the consequences of bad weather in Halkidiki is as follows:

(1) The national and provincial road network has been fully restored (except for the road of Moudania-Kassandra, where the pillars of PPC collapsed)

(2) Ten residents who faced housing problems ensured hospitality and hospitality in hotels and rooms in the area.

(3) A logistical infrastructure was provided for the rehabilitation of the camp and the hosting of Roma in Nea Potidea.

(4) 15 workshops with 30 engineers from the Central Macedonia Region from the early hours of the day and until now they continue to search for damage to basic infrastructure and businesses. At the same time, engineers from the Ministry of Infrastructure SAIF undertake an autopsy at the request of the citizens.

(5) IGME staged to control the stability of dangerous slopes and rocks in the Sikia area of ​​the Municipality of  Sithonia.

(6) Generators were provided for the operation of the pumping stations in Municipalities and strategically important infrastructures (AT Kassandria, AT Proponti, Marmara Fire Station, Moudania Town Hall etc.) in cooperation with the 3rd Army Corps, where the power problems remain.

(7) Areas for the disposal of potable bottled water were created for the residents and the 3 Municipalities of the Prefecture, for villages where the pumping stations do not work, as well as for the supply of water for hygienic purposes to large hotel units and businesses.

(8) The problems of electric lighting in Ierissos-Ouranoupoli-Polygyros-Nikiti were restored, while the restoration of the faults in the rest of the Prefecture continues. In Marmaras, Sarti, Sykia and Toroni an attempt is made to complete the restoration in the night (in any case, generators have been sent to operate pumping stations and drilling and water supply).

The area was attended by a large number of engineers from the Ministry of Infrastructure, which came from Athens to Thessaloniki for recording damage to buildings, schools and infrastructure. In cooperation with OASP President Efthimios Lekka and his team, recording of the damage was completed by air (through Drones), and the results of the filming for further analysis are expected Thursday night.

At 19:30, at the Moudania Town Hall, which operates there was an informal Crisis Management Operations Center, a new meeting will take place under the Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis, which will include, among others, the Central Macedonia Regional Director Apostolos Tzitzikostas General Secretary for Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias, the Managing Directors of the Department of Public Health and Physical Education and Public Health. The main objective of the meeting is to assess the actions and the best possible coordination in the next few hours in order to fully restore the electromagnetism of the affected areas as soon as possible. 

The condolences to the families of the victims of the bad weather in Chalkidiki were expressed by Kyriakos Mitsotakis who, due to the situation, cancelled his planned meetings : With Antonis Samaras and his visit to the Education Ministry. “I want to express my sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the catastrophic weather in Halkidiki and wish a quick recovery to those who are hospitalized. We are making every effort to address the problems and make good the damage, “the prime minister said about the great tragedy with the seven dead and more than 100 injured .

 Electricity will be normalized in 24 to 30 hours
The biggest problem in the area is electrification , as most areas of Halkidiki are sunken in the dark . As we know, in the next 24 to 30 hours, the PAD will be normalized in the areas affected by the bad weather. After the incalculable disasters in Halkidiki , ADMHH informsthat in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, actions to repair the faults in the 150 kV Moudania-Kassandria MV will be intensified with the mobilization of the Operator’s sub-assemblies and subcontractors from all over the country. At the point where the damage to the grid has occurred due to the bad weather, special lighting has been transferred in order for the garages that have a situation from all over Greece to work during the night hours.

7 dead from the killer weather in Chalkidiki
The phenomena began yesterday evening and in a matter of minutes, in 10 minutes, costing human lives and causing huge material disasters.

The dead from the lethal bad weather in Halkidiki amount to seven in total. The six are tourists, nationals of other countries, who dwelt in the area. In Nea Plagia, a 54-year-old Romanian and her eight-year-old found a death. Both of them ate in a restaurant, when due to the lethal bad weather the roof was loosened and patched.

New Potidea a 39-year old Russian was killed along with two years of a child and found dead two more people holidaying in a caravan , in Sozopol, which were parked in camping. A dead man , aged 72, was found inside the dock , and a 70-year-old and 40-year-old were injured. The 70-year-old arrived during her transfer to the US.

Another man was found dead in the open just after 12 o’clock, increasing the number of victims in seven. The man was in the sea area between Sozopol and Nea Kallikratia, 6 nautical miles from the coast. As it turned out, the dead were the fisherman who had been missing in the same area since night.

Meanwhile, 120 people were injured by the bad weather that swept through Halkidiki. A woman is hospitalized in a critical condition while five children are injured . The fire department said that after the disaster moved to 50 evacuation of people in Halkidiki , and received 600 calls for help .

General Secretary Protection Policy: “We are struggling to restore electricity for the next 24 hours”
The question of the restoration of electrification was discussed at the meeting held in the municipal office of Moudania under Infrastructure Minister Kostas Karamanlis and with the participation of Central Macedonia Regional Governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas, General Secretary of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalia and the Managing Directors of ADMHI and DEDDIE.

Testimonies-Shock: We thought we would die “
Shock provokes the testimonies of those who have experienced the tragic moments in Chalkidiki , struck by the disaster.

The report of the deadly bad weather on the site is seven dead and more than 100 wounded. In Nea Plagia, a 54-year-old Romanian and her 8-year-old child died in the restaurant they ate when the roof was loosened and plated because of bad weather.

“We thought we would die – throw hail like golf balls from hell,” eyewitnesses say in Halkidiki
Shocking is the testimony of a British tourist about what she lived with her family when they were in the eye of the storm in Halkidiki. 52-year-old grandmother Liz Travis said in the British newspaper Mirror that they fell on the floor of a taxi with their heads covered, protecting their two-year-old grandson as the storm exploded from the outside, threatening to overthrow the vehicle, hailing hail and broken branches.

“We thought we would die. It was scary. I’m not religious, but I started praying and doing my cross. We saw a PPC pillar sinking in front of us on the road, a car being lost at the edge of a cliff, we did not believe it.

The British tourist and hers – a total of seven people – had an evening walk in Afitos, at the first foot of Halkidiki, about 40 miles away from their hotel. On the return they took two taxis around 22:00, one was the same as her husband, her daughter and her two-year-old grandson, while her other son followed with her parents. Two minutes after he started he started throwing a golf ball and the taxi driver was looking for a place to hide. “” We have to do aside, the skies rains the sky, “he told us. We did not see where we were going, we moved like turtles. In the car, you fell hail like golf balls from hell! We found an alley and stopped. The taxi ran out of the wind, we thought it would overturn. Branches were falling over us, we heard the air that screamed. We all went to the floor of the car, we put the child between me and my daughter and protected it with our bodies. The little guy thought we were playing some games, but we are shaking with the heads covered and breaking the glass. ”

The family stayed half an hour to go before continuing the return journey when the Halkidiki disaster came to an end. Reaching the hotel was shocked, but fortunately everyone was safe …

Shocking testimony of a British tourist from Halkidiki
Scenes that will never be forgotten, experienced a British tourist with his family, who had gone to Chalkidiki for vacation. The reason for the 48-year-old Andy Jilkreis, who was with his wife and 9-year-old daughter at their hotel, in Nea Moudania, Halkidiki, when they saw some lightning on the horizon.

Within a short time, patrons and staff began running to protect themselves from the stormy winds that were in the area and “lifted the windows as paper napkins.”

“It does not happen again, with nothing. If you are out there you would not have any luck. If you were on the balcony, the winds would take you 100 kilometers away until it’s over, “he told the Daily Mail, adding that” the winds should be at least 160 km / h, “the British tourist said.

In fact, he also recorded videos from the Apocalypse scenes unfolded. In this it seems to the patrons to help the staff remove bottles and glasses from the tables as the windstorms emanate from them and make them debris. In panic, the waiters jumped over the tables trying to close the heavy windows, but they stopped when they saw that it was not possible. At that time, Andy’s daughter, Grace, “feared too much,” and ran with six other women hiding in the toilets. “Six people in a square meter. My daughter was upset and was trying to reassure her, “he says. “We were trapped there. There was no way we could leave. The storm lasted more than half an hour, perhaps 40 minutes. We stayed in the restaurant one and a half hours before we could leave. And the staff were terrified, they could not communicate with theirs on the phone. They told me that not only they themselves, but their parents had never seen it before. It did not happen again, “he added.

It is noted that five municipalities in Halkidiki were declared in an emergency . They are:

the municipality of Polygyros
the municipality of New Propontida
the municipality of Sithonia
the municipality of Kassandra and Kassandra
the municipality of Aristotle

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