Happiness Project sponsored event this weekend in aid of Sotir Children’s Home (Orphanage) in Argostoli

As our previous article below the “Happiness Project” will be supporting and raising money for the Sotir Children’s Home (Orphanage) near Argostoli this weekend, in a press conference just held “Inkefalonia” report the following;

Dionysia  Vallianatou  was at the Kefalos Municipal Theater and talked about  The  Happiness  Project , which is organized on the occasion of the 100 years of operation of the Sotir Orphanage.

Five prominent swimmers will swim from Lixouri to Argostoli, while at the same time will take place the road part of the event in which Nikos Sidiropoulos will run  .

The start time on the 32-kilometer slop is set at 7am and half in the morning starting from Lixouri and the finish point is the Statue of  Kavvadia . 

The swimming part, with the participation of Spyros  Chrysikopoulos , Dionysia  Vallianatou , Yannis  Vamvakidis , Anna  Kallimachou  and Efi  Georgandi , will begin on the 8th and 30th, with the result of the statue of  Kavvadia . 

At the press conference, the swimmer asked for everyone to participate in any mileage of the route and at the same time warmly thanked the  Kefalonitic support , the chamber and the sponsors.

Source –www.inkefalonia.gr

With raised prominence from English language Facebook sites including “friends of O Sotir “we would like to bring this event to your attention as we try to raise the awareness of supporting these children in Kefalonia amongst all the other good charity work going on.

In the meantime please share on social media so we can raise further awareness and money this weekend.

More to follow on how the English community on the island and visiting tourists can help and support the orphanage after we have been to the the 100 year celebration next week and discussed in detail with the home the best way to support them via Friends of O Sotir.

“The Happiness Project 2019” comes to Kefalonia raising money for Orphanage as part of 100 year celebrations

On Sunday 6/7, in Argostoli, Kefalonia, we will have the opportunity to run 32km, but above all … to give joy to the children who live in the Sotir’s children’s home, during the 100 years of life celebration, the great embrace has housed hundreds of children to date!

The “Happiness Project” in Kefalonia is not just a fight!

– It is the way to give a smile to the children who live in “Sotir’s House” in Kefalonia! 
– It’s a non-profit event 
– It’s totally free for everyone who wants to share joy 
– It’s the union of the forces of people who want only one thing … to see happy smiles !!!

In the framework of the 100-year celebration of the children’s home “Soter”, there will be a 32 km running meeting and a 5 km swimming session, which will be followed only by the following selected swimmers:

– Spyros Chrysikopoulos Giannis Vamkakidis 
– Dionysia Vallianatou Anna Kallimachou 
– Efi Georgandi

At the 32 km run, the driver will be Nikos Sidiropoulos! Also, Potamianos Giorgos will accompany the swimmers on the swimming route!

Registrations for the running meeting are completely free! You need nothing more than your presence there!

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