Mother ‘s day or as we are accustomed to calling her ” mother’s feast ” is the world celebration that honors the world-wide mothers. It is a mobile feast like the father ‘s feast . Of course our parents honor and love them every day of the year, but these days of the world give us the opportunity to tell them and show them once again how much we love them!

When is the Mother’s Day?

As mentioned above, the mother feast is a mobile feast and is celebrated in Greece every second Sunday of May. For 2019, the mother’s feast falls on Sunday 12 May. 

How did they honor the Mother in Ancient Greece?

If you expect to hear that the mother ‘s feast begins with the Greeks and ancient Greece, we will not disappoint you! Of course, similar feasts and prices to the mother were made throughout the ancient world. In Greek mythology we come to see Mother Earth, the first mother, worshiped as a deity. Mother Earth was for the ancient Greeks the personification of nature and mother of all. The deity of Asia Minor, Cybel, known to the Greeks as Rea, was worshiped as goddess of the earth, wildlife and fertility. According to Greek mythology, she was the first woman to give birth and to raise her mother’s milk with her mother’s milk.  

How was the Mother’s Day established?

Historically it comes from a Mothers Friendships Day American mother movement founded in 1965 under Ann Jarvis during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The women’s movement acted in favor of peace with various activist activities and continued the actions even after the end of the war, such as the struggle for the reunification of families that had been separated during the war. Ann Jarvis, who had previously organized a “Mother’s Day Club” to improve hygiene and health for both Union camps and federal guerrillas, wanted to extend it to an annual memorial to mothers , but died in 1905. Her daughter, Anna Jarvis ( Anna Jarvis ) wanting to honor her mother continued the work started to leave one day that honors all mothers. Her motto was that “mother is the person who has done the most for everyone from anyone else in the world”. The  Mother’s Day began to be celebrated in West Virginia American – they came Anna Jarvis – 1910. In 1914 the United States signed a national declaration on the day of the mother , and the second Sunday in May was established as a national holiday to honor mothers. Today,  the mother feast  is celebrated in over 40 countries around the world.

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