Hardalias: Fines for unnecessary travel double Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday


The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias, announced stricter measures for the period from Holy Saturday at 9 pm until midnight on Easter Monday.

As he mentioned, in the above period:

– The measure of doubling the fine to 300 euros and removing license plates for unnecessary travel is being extended throughout the country.

– The exceptional movement to provide assistance to people in need, code B4 will be scrutinized, thoroughly by the control bodies throughout the country in relation to the point of departure and destination and can be done exclusively for only two vehicle by vehicle. He announced that abusive use of case B4 entails a fine of 300 euros and removal of license plates for the driver and a fine of 150 euros to the passenger.

He reiterated that on Easter day, all measures taken by the vast majority of citizens will apply. The unprecedented situation we are facing has changed everything around us, it has affected the way we experience these holy days, he said.

Referring to relevant measurements, he noted that 9 out of 10 of our fellow citizens state that they will celebrate according to the rules imposed by the conditions, will follow the instructions and expressed his thanks and gratitude. He pointed out that they are proving that their love for their homeland, their fellow human beings, is real.

However, everything is going well, but it is important that we continue, without exception, the effort, he pointed out and added: “The process of submitting tax returns is electronic, so our elderly fellow citizens do not need to move. The deadline is June 30, there is no reason to hurry. “

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