The Undersecretary of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias, referred to the resumption of tourism in Greece.

Referring to yesterday’s revelation of Greece’s tourism plan , Mr. Hardalias recorded the four stations of the tourism start-up schedule:

  1. On May 25, yachting will be allowed.
  2. The campsites and 12-month hotels open on June 1 .
  3. On June 15, the remaining accommodation will open and Athens will start accepting travellers.
  4. On July 1, there will be a full release for travellers at the rest of the country’s airports

The Undersecretary pointed out that travellers from countries with a heavy epidemiological burden of coronavirus will be excluded. The list of countries that will not be able to send tourists will be announced soon.

In fact, in a later question from a journalist, Nikos Hardalias emphasised: “We never said that on July 1 we will open to everyone.”

Depending on the epidemiological developments in foreign countries, through the observatory that exists in our country, the government will proceed with corresponding moves regarding the reception of visitors.

“We will give the opportunity to visit with the primary aim of safeguarding public health,” Mr Hardalias said, adding that health care could be provided by the security forces and the army if needed.

“We will do what is necessary so that there is no problem on the islands and at any entrance to the country,” he assured.

Flight controls

Regarding the flights, he reminded that the existing procedure, the test and the quarantine, continues until May 21.

He also stressed that all travelers will be fully and thoroughly checked with questionnaires and sample tests.

The Civil Protection continues to fully control the incoming flights to Greece and the incoming cases have been almost eliminated.

It is noteworthy that as of May 13, only one passenger test from abroad was positive on 21 flights and a total of 2236 passengers.

In fact, in the last few days, 3 flights arrived from Germany with 548 passengers, several of whom were transit from more severely affected countries. All their tests were negative.

The plan for the islands

As for the islands, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection has taken care of a plan in the event of a Covid-19 case in a tourist.

The additional measures include the mandatory cooperation of the accommodation with a doctor and the existence of a coordinator for the corona in each accommodation.

In each region and island there will be special quarantine areas.

In fact, the transfer of a patient will be provided if necessary, based on the plan that has already been prepared in the previous period in case of an accident in residents of islands.

The goal is to reduce the time it takes for patients to move to larger healthcare facilities to be less than two hours. For this reason, the health structures in mainland Greece are being upgraded.

For the small islands, the existing health structures, additional beds and test structures are planned to be strengthened.