Hardalias: Mask indoors and outdoors, if there is overcrowding everywhere in Greece

The protection of public health is the absolute goal, since the beginning of the pandemic, stressed the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias during the regular briefing on the course of the Covid-19 coronavirus in Greece.

Mr. Hardalias stressed that the active cases in Greece amount to 5,472 and those who were diagnosed positive and their contacts are under house arrest.

He also said that

  • the use of a mask is mandatory throughout Greece indoors and outdoors where there is synchronicity .
  • Catering and entertainment centers are not allowed at all alarm levels during the following hours: From 01.00 to 05.00 in the morning in the level 1 areas, from 00.30 to 05.00 in the level 2 areas and from midnight to at 05.00 in the morning in the areas of level 3.
  • He also said that a maximum number of people is set for gatherings both outdoors and indoors. Specifically, in level 1 areas, the limit is 100 people. For level 2 areas, the limit is 50 people. For level 3 areas, the limit is 9 people.

The sub. Civil Protection also reported that from July 1 to October 11, 638,879 targeted checks were carried out, while the cases detected at the gates amount to 1,738.

He added that during the same period, 421,006 inspections were carried out for compliance with the measures, 14,597 violations were identified and fines totaling 6,982,930 euros were imposed, as well as administrative sanctions.

Mr. Hardalias reiterated that the government will not proceed with new restrictive measures and appealed to the citizens to observe the measures that are already in force: “The discussion about taking new measures or changing the alarm level does not help our goal. We do not need measures to protect our health and those around us. “As long as we observe what is in force,” he stressed.

Majorkinis: “The new daily coronavirus infections are stable”
The assistant professor of the Medical School of EKPA, Gikas Majorkinis, referred again to the outbreak of the pandemic in Europe, citing countries such as Italy, France, Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria, where there is an increase in cases of coronavirus.

Referring to Greece, Mr. Majorkinis noted that 300 to 400 new coronavirus infections are recorded steadily most days, while the number of intubated remains higher than 90.

The number of dead exceeds 5 per day in our country. The professor also stressed that Attica remains the region where most cases of coronavirus are recorded.

Coronavirus is more difficult to deal with in cities
Referring to new research on the pandemic, Mr. Majorkinis explained that it seems that the size of the city or village plays an important role in the dynamics of the epidemic.

“The response rate is inversely proportional to the population,” he said, explaining that the measures are more effective in a village than in a city with a similar number of cases.

The larger the infected population, the harder it will be to slow the spread of the virus. That means it will take more perseverance and patience, he said, to tackle the pandemic in major urban centers.

Source – iefimerida.gr

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