Health Books being Phased out and replaced by electronic records (I.D. now needed)

End of use for the well-known health book! Specifically, the form of health card EOPYY insured, pensioners and their family members repealed as expected for some time, in accordance with Article 67 of N.4603 / 2019 (Government Gazette 48 / A / 03.14.2019).

In this way, the old printed health books pass in history after the ministerial decision published in the Official Gazette and is in force since 14 March 2019. However, it is worth noting that it will be necessary, and a period of … adaptation until the abolition of the books, as the EOPYI had resettled them with a decision in February …

How is the identification of EOPYI insured persons now? The identification of the insured persons upon their admission to a nursing institution, such as a public hospital, a private clinic, a KAA, a MCA, will be certified by any legitimate public document (police ID, passport, etc.).

Gradually, the insurance certification to cover benefits in kind by EOPYY and the cash benefits from the main insurance and other benefits of the EPHA will be made under the Social Security Registry Number (AMKA), while the beneficiaries will be obliged to with them the identity card in order to identify the data.

Especially for insured persons who receive high-cost medicines from Pharmacists of EOPYY, it is foreseen to keep the booklets for any information related to this provision.

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