”Heart of Kefalonia-Back to the village” is the name of our new jeep safari tour from Kefalonian Wild Nature!

So what’s so special about it? You will take part in it!

We are going to visit a small farm with goats and you will try to feed them and milk them by hand, take photos and play with them! They are all friendly, healthy and happy!

Then, after crossing big mountains and valleys and seeing the amazing views they offer it’s lunch time! We will have to make our own Kefalonian riganada, with Kefalonian Prentza cheese and olive oil, bread, tomatoes, olives, and oregano, outdoors, like the good old times, under the shade of a 500 years old plane tree with plenty of wine!

And let’s get lost in the olive groves again!
Suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Please, contact us directly on our Facebook page for any questions or bookings because you won’t find this tour listed yet!

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