Heat and Wind to continue on Monday -Where the temperature will hit “red”

High temperatures remain – Photo: EUROKINISSI / PAPADOPOULOS VASILIS

The heat is expected to continue across the country tomorrow Monday with the thermometer reaching as high as 40 degrees Celsius, according to forecasts by the Athens Observatory’s meteo.

Specifically the temperature in Western Macedonia will range from 18 to 35 degrees, the rest of Macedonia and Thrace from 19 to 39, the western continents from 23 to 40, Thessaly from 20 to 38, the rest of the continents from 23 to 35, the islands of the Ionian Sea from 22 to 35, in the islands of the Eastern Aegean from 21 to 34 and locally to 35 to 36, in the islands of the rest of the Aegean from 23 to 31 and in Crete from 22 to 32 and locally in southern Crete to 33 to 34 degrees.

Up to eight beauforts in the Aegean
The winds in the Aegean will blow from northern directions 5 to 7 and locally up to 8 beaufort, with the exception of the Dodecanese area, where they will blow from changing directions 2 to 4 and locally up to 5 beaufort.

In the Ionian, the winds will blow from eastern directions 2 to 4 and locally up to 5 beaufort, with the exception of the Gulf of Patra where temporarily 6 to 7 beaufort will arrive. At noon in the North Ionian the winds will turn northwest 3 to 5 beaufort.

Weather in Attica and Thessaloniki
Sunshine is expected in Attica. The winds will blow from north directions 4 to 6 and locally 7 beaufort with attenuation of 1 to 2 beaufort from noon. Temperatures in central Athens will range from 24 to 32 degrees.

Sunshine is expected in Thessaloniki. The winds will blow from changing directions up to 3 beaufort. The temperature in the city center will range from 25 to 35 degrees.
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